I like to observe people,which makes my day beautiful.I have viewed several people over webinars with different body languages.People like to have different tendencies like pointing fingers,rolling hands and shakking legs etc.Some say,they are succesful people and some say they can’t be succesful because of their habbits.On webinars,people also behave differently.Many people have many fine lines on thier forehead,but they are not expressive.Some people with plain forehead are so much expressive,that they need to tell,if you will be doing more,then you may come out of screen,,hahaha.I am not getting into five succesful people body languages or like that.Just to say,people behave differently on screen rather than talking one-to one.People feel,as if someone is watching them,so they loose their orignality.People with arch eyebrows are said to be objective oriented,as I have seen,One of my webinars was too hefty,because everybody was arch angle.It gave me lot of energy.Webinars are proving a way of face reading platform.I would be sharing more,so stay tune.


Not written from many days :)

I was observing,many people take webinars as a costly to promote anything.Last week,I met a author,I asked him about webinars for author.He told me,most of authors are introvert,so they wonr be promoting themselves.I ask the reason for these answer.He said,many authors feel promoting their books or themselves via webinars would lower down quality of their work.But I think,if anyone has good topic,it has to be spread in society .People always have tendencies of hiding too bad or too good things from the world.