Not written from many days :)

I was observing,many people take webinars as a costly to promote anything.Last week,I met a author,I asked him about webinars for author.He told me,most of authors are introvert,so they wonr be promoting themselves.I ask the reason for these answer.He said,many authors feel promoting their books or themselves via webinars would lower down quality of their work.But I think,if anyone has good topic,it has to be spread in society .People always have tendencies of hiding too bad or too good things from the world.


Doubts in Webinars

People often have these doubts in while conducting webinars:

1)Why should I conduct webinars?

2)What will be the advantage over social media?

3)Are webinars only taken for corporate purposes?

4)Can Webinars would be a appropriate choice for online teaching?

5)Are Webinars cheap?(Most important)

These doubts keeps people away from webinars and its use.Focussing on webinar technology,it has too much to give.People use different technologies and look out for a product which is,good in quality and cheap in price.If you want to clear your doubts.

Webinars and Profit

People would always think of profit,when it comes to webinar.People always think,how could webinars will give us profit.Focussing only on profit,instead of not working consistently,lessens the profit.People should use creativeness in webinars,so people could expect profit.Then people think,if we are only doing the work,then what will webinars do?Answer is webinars would be a platform to express your talent accross the world.You can spread your talent because of webinar’s global presence.Agaign,questions comes this we can do with videos.I say,”Yes you can”,”Yes we can”..:D.But,what about the live replies?.Live replies are only got through webinars.People will remember you easily,so you need not to worry.Here again another doubts comes:Why others would see my webinars?answer is your talent.:).

People here are visiting and commenting on your blogs,so think same audience will be attracted to your webinars.Many bloggers have used this technique and became famous with overwhelming response.Webinars have became so viral that,even for online teachers are using webinars not skype due to better security.Many people still feel webinars are for just online meetings.Its totally wrong!By webinars you can promote yourself,share your presentations and even your desktop.Many features are there,so stay tune for more.:)