Why 1stopwebinars?

1StopWebinars has Pre Recorded webinar system which is worlds most powerful automated webinar system.
Create one webinar and schedule as many time as you need, even 10 – 15 times a day. Its fully automated, and
doesn’t require any supervisor.
Follwing features included into automated webinar system:
Convert your youtube videos into webinars
Just enter youtube / vimeo video link, and we will turn into webinars

Join own webinar as admin
You can join your own webinar as admin, so you can interact with attendees and answer their queries.

Schedule Recurring Webinars
No need to create webinar every day, schdule one webinar when  you need to play,how many time’s a day
, and system will take care of it.

Send recorded Chat messages
You can see recorded chat messages or pop up offer or ask poll question at specific time on webinar.

Customize Templates
Need more templates to suite your business?, Ask us and we will give you unique templates only for you for free.

Just see this all features at 1stopwebinars.com

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