Online Teaching

Online teaching is world,in which Teacher and student,both needs a safe way of communication platform.Every online teacher has made skype its brand,but what about its safety?1stopwebinars offers you the most secured server,with an SSL certificate that does not have any loop holes.You could communicate easily without any disturbance.Most important ITS FREE…😀


New beginings with webinars

Webinars for lead generation,webinars for promotion,webinars for marketing.This marketing of webinar
thing has narrowed its market.People only use skype for online teaching.Results are not up to the mark.Eventhough skype is free,but does it gives quality.Does skype has features?
Recently 1stopwebinars has introduced its special free plan for basic online teaching,which includes features which are chargable on skype.People have not look beyond skype,due to a fear of extra cost.1stopwebinars gives you the basic plan,in which online teaching features such session recording,many attendees with many sessions.People can learn,show presentations and even share there desktops for the tedious maths sums.People can learn without paying any extra bucks.
So..why to use continously skype,which charges you on features,which are more beneifical to you to you.Online teaching include tedious job,which includes many features like presentation.

As we look forward to the New Year and review the one that is drawing to a close, can you with hand on heart say “Yes I achieved everything I set out to”? I suspect that like the majority of people you cannot. If this is the case, then make sure that you don’t fall into the same trap in the coming year. Now is the time to make your plans for the year ahead so that you can hit the ground running,straight after the Christmas and New Year festivities are over.

Why 1stopwebinars?

1StopWebinars has Pre Recorded webinar system which is worlds most powerful automated webinar system.
Create one webinar and schedule as many time as you need, even 10 – 15 times a day. Its fully automated, and
doesn’t require any supervisor.
Follwing features included into automated webinar system:
Convert your youtube videos into webinars
Just enter youtube / vimeo video link, and we will turn into webinars

Join own webinar as admin
You can join your own webinar as admin, so you can interact with attendees and answer their queries.

Schedule Recurring Webinars
No need to create webinar every day, schdule one webinar when  you need to play,how many time’s a day
, and system will take care of it.

Send recorded Chat messages
You can see recorded chat messages or pop up offer or ask poll question at specific time on webinar.

Customize Templates
Need more templates to suite your business?, Ask us and we will give you unique templates only for you for free.

Just see this all features at

Why 1stopwebinars?

Webinars are the latest trends in market for the promotional marketing.Success Rate of promotion and conversion of promotion into business is achieved maximum by using webinars.But for these features many webinars sites has costly plans or some can be operated on memory consuming softwares.Webinars sites like gotomeeting,1stopwebinars and webinarjam are operating on user’s demand.Recently 1stopwebinars had been announced free plans,by which webinar traffic is
diverting to that site.Main issue with webinar providers is cost .Webinars are mostly used for online discussions,webcast,lead generation and now for online teaching.Webinars have been a better way for online lead generation ,because of easy contact.1stopwebinars has been offering free webinars service with unlimited attendees.That’s been the most advantage of this site as no site is offering this feature.Its free that does not means it is having limited featues;1stopwebinars is offering premium features to users even if they are using in free.webinars has been the most attractive platforms for lead generations,because of easy connectivity and global presence.MLM people are also using webinars for increasing their business.1stopwebinars has never been in a race to give quantity to customers. 1stopwebinars has always given quality to existing customers and will also provide to new customers.Many existing customers are getting advantages for using 1stopwebinars,because of hastle free service with most updated technology.1stopwebinars has a global presence,because of the global servers.
they always,say”You just focus on your webinars,We are looking for technical details”.1stopwebinars have given customers a confidence and trust of using webinar system.
People are always worried for the technology used,and this affects their webinars and audience.Many people who are stick to one webinar company,will found a big surprise,because the features which will be using on 1stopwebinars,were the features of premium plan of other companies.1stopwebinars has changed the mindset of people.
1stopwebinars can be used for even project presentation,self promotion and many other ways,in which on screen presence is there.People who think webinar
as hard event,will not think now.Since ,1stopwebinars have made it easy.If comparision has to be made,then by now 1stopwebinars will win the competetion.
Now Talking about the software,its proved they atr having perfect software,but what about the hardware?It is found that 1stopwebinars has been using amazone for
streaming and hiVelocity  servers for hosting.The SSL certificate of this site provides user a strong security.Back up service is also  provided by their technicians.Their
technicians say that,their servers has 99.9% uptime with chat support.No information is leaked from their server.
Still,,this site is updating,so stay tune.

The Working:

1stopwebinars works on multiple platforms like Ipad/Iphone/Windows/Linux.
another feature is ,,You can also Ban attendees in real time,so they wont be able to join any webinar session.

**PRE/POST Webinar Email System** and *Export Email List*

**PRE/POST Webinar Email System**
Webinar notification is sent on registrant’s request.So,registrant’s can choose his own timing of receiving notifications prior to webinar

*Export Email List*
Export your registrant/attendees into CSV format in one click.
And here are the plans :

*Desktop , Webcam Sharing* and *Just a Single Click*

Our site has become live,feel free to visit it!!!!
Share your desktop for live presentations and demonstrate projects and products with the help of this amazing feature.You can also share your live presentations over the globe.:)
The most easy feature!!!
You can create a paid webinar with help of single click.Attenedees will pay you through paypal fo joining of webinar.:D

A new Begining :) :)

We would be launching  in few hours.This site will change the view of webinars users,as its been the most updated website till now.Webinars which was having a particular use ,now could be used for any discussion.1stopwebinars would be a platform,those who want to create custom webinars!!

High Conversion Registration Pages and Customize your Thank You pages

High Conversion Registration Pages and Customize your thank pages

Choose or customize your Thank You pages and attract more attendees or redirect registrant to customized url after they register.

Built In Auto-responder 😀 🙂

Another great feature is auto-responder,which will keep your registrant updated about webinar.